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Aly L's Custom Boots & Shoes is run by Alyssa Lenell-White in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Designing cowboy boots and custom shoes is her passion and she has dedicated her life to pursuing her craft as a professional American shoe maker. Aly is available and capable of making replica Clint Eastwood Boots.

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  • Price: $1900.00 USD and up.

Custom designed cowboy boots and shoes made for you and no one else. Choose from our product line of handmade boots and shoes or and tailor-make your shoe from there or we can custom design your dream cowboy boot just for you.

Each pair of cowboy boots, custom boots, or shoes are handcrafted for you with careful attention to every cut and stitch and are 100% made in the USA in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Only the highest quality, ethically sourced leathers are used to create each pair.

We will measure each of your feet individually and tailor your cowboy boot to fit your exact foot shape.

Those [Clint Eastwood] boots are definitely something I can make. Custom boots start at $1900.00 and take 8-12 months for completion. I make them based on your specific measurements and guarantee fit. - Alyssa Lenell-White

Photos are not available but Aly has a gallery of previous work.

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