Straightline Collectible's Vest

Currently sold out! Estimated restock "mid-2021". Mark Schneider has said that the new design may include updates as the original design (detailed below) was "7 years old."

Straightline Collectibles is run by Mark Schneider and sells this vest. This might possibly be the same vest that Kokkado is selling since many products are shared between the two retailers. This vest however does appear to be different.

THIS VEST IS A GREAT REPLICA OF THE ONE CLINT EASTWOOD WORE IN "A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS", "FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE", and "THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY" .... Made Of Custom "one of a kind" Faux Sheep Skin And Is Very Comfortable! ... has a draw tie (no zipper or buttons) like Eastwood's vest .... Comes In M, L, XL, 2XL ..... Looks great under the poncho !

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  • Price: $84.00 USD


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