Tribal & Western Impressions' Wrist brace

"Tribal And Western Impressions" appears to have gone out of business around 2017 or 2018. It was a store in Texas which was run by Ralph D. Thomas.

This site's editor has tried to reach Ralph via email however but received the error:

"Recipient inbox full Your message couldn't be delivered. Their inbox is full, or it's getting too much mail right now."

He may have passed away. His personal website which he was very active on hasn't been touched since 2018.

Their website is gone now but a record of it can still be found on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Clint Eastwood Arm Guard Movie Prop Reproduction $69.00 This handmade arm guard (bracelet) has been reproduced like the one worn in Client Eastwood Westerns. Could it have been a secret of why he was so fast on the gun draw? No one is actually saying! Handcrafted from top gain leather.


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