JC. Moors Gunleather's Holster

Jean Claude Moors runs JC. Moors Gunleather in France this store sells a holster named the "Clint Eastwood"

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This holster looks like a semi decent replica however the belt buckle is an approximation only and not a hammered brass replica of Andy Anderson's buckle.

Clint Eastwood set

In returned vegetable tanned leather (flower inside, suede split on the outside) with the specific characteristics of the model.

This is a replica of the holster cartridge set created by Andy Anderson for actor Clint Eastwood for the filming of the trilogy spaghetti westerns by Sergio Leone. This one is made of natural vegetable tanned leather turned inside out, with the side crust on the main surface and the flower side inside the holster. Just like the original, it has the characteristics that it is clean, but not shown in the photo. - J.C. MOORS (via Google Translate)

  • Price: 280 € plus fdp (Shipping) . [$333.51 USD 🇺🇸, $434.35 CAD 🇨🇦 ]


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