The Poker Cards

The "Man with No Name" poker cards from the Clint Eastwood "Dollars Trilogy" western film "For A Few Dollars More".

In For A Few Dollars More Clint Eastwood's Blondie character (presently going by the name Manco) is told that Red "Baby" Cavanagh, who has a $2,000 bounty on his head, was last seen in the town of White Rocks. Eager to collect the bounty Manco rides into town and immediately finds Cavanagh in a saloon playing five-card draw poker.

Manco ominously interrupts the game in progress and deals a hand for himself and Cavanagh. Upon losing the hand Cavanagh inquires what the bet on the previous hand was actually for. "Your life." Manco replies.

As I'm sure you can imagine, Cavanagh did not go along quietly.

The card's origins

The film takes place in 1872 which is around the time that rounded corners were introduced on American playing cards but cards at the time did not yet have the corner indices as shown above. The cards in the film are clearly more modern and historically inaccurate. Period accurate cards would have looked more like these cards here.

Much of this film was shot in Spain and the cards seen in use are a Spanish brand of cards named "Fournier". The specific "style" of cards is the "818" with jumbo corner indecises. These cards are still available to buy from them present day and are listed in the catalog on the Fournier website albeit now with a modern box.

Finding a vintage set from the 1960s is quite easy to do and the cost is inexpensive due to the high availability of them.

Fournier 818s

Photos of a vintage set of Fournier 818 cards as seen in the film and purchased by this site's editor off of Etsy in 2023.

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