Denix' Colt 1851 Navy

The second best that you can get for a non-functional replica however both the quality and accuracy of this model are low.

This model appears to be discontinued by Denix but can still be found with third party sellers. Some sellers have pre-attached Snakes on the grip for customers that have been sourced from Amazon or eBay. Straightline Collectibles' Colt 1851 Navy would be an example of this.

Notable differences include:

  • Snake grips are not included. The snakes must be purchased separately and attached by the user. Some sellers like Straightline Collectibles sell this gun with the snakes pre-attached.

  • The body color is brass instead of a casehardened steel finish like the original.

  • The cylinder is a low accuracy version of the percussion (non-converted) model which is different than the custom converted versions that Blondie and Tuco owned in TGTBATU.

  • Made of die cast metal rather than real steel.

Our company DENIX, located in Ciutadella de Menorca, started its activity in 1967. For more than half a century, the founding partners, José Carretero Febrer and Sebastián Llull Salom, took the initiative to manufacture high quality historical replica weapons. His experience and knowledge in imitation jewelry, a traditional sector in Menorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) were the origin of everything. Without his tenacity and illusion, it would not have been possible to grow his initial idea.

  • Price $55.37

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