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4 1/4"

3 1/2"

Golden Gate Western Wear/Knudsen Hat Co. located near San Francisco makes one of the better replica Man with No Name hats around.

We've seen where other hat makers have shown their version of the Good, Bad & Ugly hat, but with the wrong brim dimension, without the bound edge on the brim, and just over-all not correct. Yet one maker claims to have made the original. Folks, I don't claim to have made the original one Clint Eastwood wore in the spaghetti westerns, but if you want one that looks exactly like Clint Eastwood's here it is, and for much less than most other makers. Notice the brim is curled up more on the wearer's left front. This is correct for Clint's but if you prefer yours even you have but to stipulate.

We usually put a slight pinch in the crown - you can ask for more or less pinch. We have created a very good replica band (shown above) for use specifically on our Good, Bad and Ugly. In the move Clint Eastwood's hat has a black band on it. Our replica band is brown and we believe it looks better, however we do have the replica band in black.

This is one of our most popular movie hat replicas. The movie hat was not stiff so the form did vary in different parts of the movie. Sometimes it had little or no pinch and sometimes the brim was even. The way we usually make it is with a moderate pinch and the left front of the brim curled up a little more as though it was handled with left hand.

If you watch Myth Busters you have seen Adam Savage wearing our Good, Bad & Ugly hat. Adam prefers his brim even, you can make the same choice. Adam has demonstrated the durability and water resistance of our 10X Beaver felt many times on that show. I can't get enough of that show!

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is usually considered the best of the three Clint Eastwood/ Sergio Leon Western Movies. Our movie hat replica is from this particular movie while in the previous movie the hat has less "character" to the brim. If you would prefer your brim a little flatter as in Fist Full of Dollars or For A Few Dollars More you have but to ask. If you would like yours as it appears in a particular scene you may send us a still from the movie to "nail it down" for us and that is how it will be.

Our Good, Bad & Ugly is the most accurate movie replica available.

4 1/4" Telescope Crown 3 1/2" Brim w/ bound edge and slight curl ​ Can be made in sizes: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4 ​

Black Replica Hat Band: $35​ (Accurate for film)

Antiqued Brown Replica Hat Band $40

Our Brown replica band is made of genuine leather with an antiqued variegated tone.


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