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Alfonso Pineda previously worked with Andy Anderson (who made the original holster) in the hay day of western films. His holsters would be the closest you can get (Present day) to the original Andy Anderson holsters. The shop is now run by his son Omar Pineda.

Omar confirmed via phone call to this site's editor that Alfonso did not make the leather hatband that Clint Eastwood wore.

Sadly, Alfonso passed away in 1995. His son Omar Pineda has stepped forward and with the assistance of his Uncle Gus, a professional saddle and holster maker in his own right, has carried on the business. - Omar Pineda

Arvo Ojala was an established holster maker in Hollywood developing fast draw rigs for competition, Andy Anderson & Alfonso Pineda both worked for Arvo and then set up on their own supplying the film trade pretty much as rivals. Their styles were very different. The Alfonso company do still make a reasonable Eastwood copy. - John Skelton, Escort Gunleather

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