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London Jacks Leather is run by John Feeney who is a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen. This is an extremely good looking holster made by a knowledgable fan of the Dollars trilogy and its price is reflective of it's quality. It features a more worn and darker appearance than most other holsters thanks to his oil treatments.

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This is my version of the movie gun rig as worn by Clint Eastwood in the classic Sergio Leone ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ of the 1960s A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and, The Good the Bad and The Ugly.

These films had an enormous impact when I first watched them back in the 1970s and it has long been an ambition to build this Rig, of course there are no patterns available, and I have studied screen shots and pictures of the originals to develop my own patterns, and figure out the techniques needed to add the steel plate lining.

Clint Eastwoods gun rig was specially made by Andy Anderson of Hollywood, who designed the original Western Walk n Draw rig that revolutionized the popular sport of fast Draw in the 1960s.

Clint ordered a ruff out belt and holster with a straight draw, as apposed to the standard forward cant holster.

The belt and holster are two pieces of steer hide laminated and stitched together, it then gets an oil finish to bring out the contrasting colour of the leather.

The belt has a recess to allow the holster to firmly locate on to the belt. It has 30 sewn loops for 45LC cartridges.

The decorative gunfighter stitching detail was another trademark feature of the Andy Anderson gun-belts.

The holster throat, shank and curved hip plate have a steel lining, like the original, this gives a very solid structure to the holster.

The solid brass buckle has a hammered finish.

The holster is made for the Colt SA Revolver 5 1/2”, although it will take a Navy Pistol, as shown in the pictures here, in the GBU film the gun used was a modified 38 cartridge Navy Pistol, and these are still available from Cimarron firearms.

If you have a hip measurement of over 44” please contact me before purchasing as the rough out shoulders I use for this belt have a limited width.

This rig is made to order. (6–8 weeks)

The darker colour is achieved by applying pure Neatsfoot oil, the more coats the darker the finish, it leaves no residue and soaks in evenly overnight. - John Feeney

The leather I use is English pit tanned bull hide. - John Feeney


Watch John Feeney detail the entire process of making one of his Eastwood Holsters. It quickly becomes clear why these holsters carry the price tag that they do. It's a lot of work!


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