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Davis Leather Company was started in 1975 in California by G. William Davis, Gordon to all who knew him. Gordon worked with John Bianchi and Neale Perkins at Safari Limited back in 1965 before each of these major holster makers started their own businesses. Then Gordon went on to build and design holsters at Safariland and then Bianchi before starting Davis Leather. Once he started, Gordon was committed to building a business that produced leather goods at the highest standards and quality. Over the years, many shooters and professionals have come to depend on that quality. Gordon moved his business several times through the years, and ended by bringing it here to Ash Fork, Arizona in 2001.

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Eastwood Holster

This Andy Anderson replica exactly duplicates the rig made famous by the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. It is made from top-grade saddle leather and can be roughout or smooth with Andy’s Gunfighter stitching and full bullet loops. The holster can be either steel or rawhide lined between the two layers of leather. The belt is notched and the holster is locked in place. The 2 ½” belt is cut on a curve to hug the hips of the wearer and tapers to fit a 1 ½” solid brass buckle. It is made to fit Colt and clones as well as Ruger in lengths of 4 3/4”, 5 ½” and 7 ½”. Colors available include Natural, Oil Brown, Dark Oil, and Black. An exact replica hand-hammered, square buckle is available.

Eastwood Holster $260 Eastwood belt $260 Eastwood Hammered Buckle $75

Single Rig $520 Double Rig $780

The bullet loops are numbered according to the size of the belt. We just call it full loops because we put on as many as will fit correctly in the space available. That is somewhere between 24 and 36. I have attached a photo of the buckle. I have these custom cast and hand hammer them as the original buckle that Andy used is no longer available. I have an original hammered by Andy that was my guide in getting the hammered effect to match. - Dave, Davis Leather Company


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