Dingo's "Buster" Boots

These boots appear to be possibly discontinued.

"With its roots in the early 70s, Dingo was one of the first lifestyle boot brand, and it was specifically designed for a socially aware, fashion-conscious generation. Many influencers, including professional football players, have worn Dingo boots over the years, adding a level of prestige and identity that remains intact today." - Dingo

Dingo Boots seems to be a subsidiary of Dan Post Boots.

The "Buster" Boot

These are a more "Biker" style boot than an accurate western style boot like Eastwood wore but with some modifications they could be "close enough" for many people.

"They are suede rather than roughout and have the built-in harness but that can easily be cut off. Well worth a look for anyone wanting to get a fairly accurate pair of boots on a budget." - Tipster


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