Spaghetti Western Replicas' Boots

These boots were available in around 2006 but then became discontinued shortly after. Spaghetti Western Replicas (owned by Diana Martinez) went out of business as of 2018.

Diana Martinez who saw photos of Straightline's Boots claims that their boots are their old boots. This site's editor noticed the top tabs are clearly different and believes she was mistaken. The origin of Straightline's boots is actually Tribal & Western Impressions.

We’re not in business anymore. We closed it down 2 years ago.... it had reached the point that our craftspeople and suppliers were retiring and none of the younger generation wanted to learn the it became an end to an era. It was a sad day. We had the real deal....heirlooms not costumes. We sold all over the world for 17 years. It was fun and we “met” a lot of people. - Diana Martinez

Actually we conducted business out of our basement and had an internet only business....we sold all over the world. Yes we did have those boots made specifically for us....We purchased from a Mom and Pop company in Texas who had been in business for 25 yrs but one day they were simply gone with no warning to us. Their phone was disconnected and all correspondence came back to us. I never could find another craftsman to make them anywhere close to the same price. We later found out the boot maker had a stroke or something. - Diana Martinez

We didn't actually supply other companies with our merchandise but we had several people who purchased our items then used them for patterns and reproduced them at a lesser price and much lesser quality.... all of our items were of very high quality and an heirloom. Sadly the copycats even used some of our pictures or took pictures of our product then sent their inferior product to people. One copycat even used our sterling silver rattlesnake to make a mold for his plastic rattlesnakes.....we heard from a bunch of customers over that one. - Diana Martinez

Yes all the items will look similar because it ends up being our own rendition of the item. All the items were replicas of the Costumes and accessories worn by Eastwood in the Spaghetti Westerns. We had also a Van Cleef section and a Hang Em High section.

Archive of the original product page

  • Price: $375

Rough out leather boots inspired by the greatest westerns ever!

These boots are replicas of the rough out boots worn by Clint Eastwood in the Spaghetti Westerns! These rough out boot are custom made from the finest mule hide available. This square-toed boot has no decorative stitching anywhere on the boot and has 13" stove pipe tops with cloth pull tabs that are inside the shaft, just like in the movies. This boot has light (natural) colored full welt leather soles and features a 1 & 1/2" heel.

These boots are custom made especially for you so allow 20-24 weeks during peak times of the year for delivery. Also, we will need a tracing of your feet and measurements of your calf, leg, heel, instep, and ball of your feet. See instructions at How to measure your feet -Use this Metric Conversion Web Site for changing measurements to inches!

Price for our rough out leather boots is $375.00


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