Spaghetti Western Replicas' Snake Grips

Spaghetti Western Replicas offered probably the most accurate and highest quality snake grips that have ever been made. If you somehow manage to find a set, GRAB THEM.

These grips are no longer available as Spaghetti Western Replicas (owned by Diana Martinez) went out of business as of 2018.

We’re not in business anymore. We closed it down 2 years ago.... it had reached the point that our craftspeople and suppliers were retiring and none of the younger generation wanted to learn the it became an end to an era. It was a sad day. We had the real deal....heirlooms not costumes. We sold all over the world for 17 years. It was fun and we “met” a lot of people. - Diana Martinez, 2020

We conducted business out of our basement and had an internet only business....we sold all over the world. - Diana Martinez

We didn't actually supply other companies with our merchandise but we had several people who purchased our items then used them for patterns and reproduced them at a lesser price and much lesser quality.... all of our items were of very high quality and an heirloom. Sadly the copycats even used some of our pictures or took pictures of our product then sent their inferior product to people. One copycat even used our sterling silver rattlesnake to make a mold for his plastic rattlesnakes.....we heard from a bunch of customers over that one. - Diana Martinez

Copies of these snakes can be obtained through Classic Single Action.

These grips had the correct non-forked tongue snake.

From the manufacturer

Silver rattlesnake inspired by the greatest westerns ever! It won't get more authentic than this!

The silver rattlesnake was originally made by the late Andy Anderson for Clint Eastwood, who always brought his own guns and gunbelt to the movie set. Eastwood was fond of his Colt 45 with the pure silver rattlesnake in mid-strike, as it was a potent symbol of his character's deadly sharp shooting finesse with a pistol.

We have a replica of the silver rattlesnake for you in a set for the left and right side of your favorite pistol or it can be purchased singly for either side. We've made it simple. They're designed to surface mount. You only need to drill 5 small holes in your grip for the pins on the back of the rattlesnake. They're thin and light. Each one is only a sixteenth of an inch thick. It's super easy! You'll need a 1/16th inch drill bit and a little epoxy glue. For the women fast draw fans, the silver rattlesnake can be ordered as a pendant! We're offering 2 finishes - polished shiny bright or high polished antiqued.

$100 each or $170 for the pair!

(The price later went up to $120 ea. and $185 for a pair.)


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