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Chisholm's Trail aka "Western Leather Holster" is run by Alan & Donna Soellner

Sit a spell and look over the custom and historical leather items we make, including holsters, gun belts, knife sheaths, rifle scabbards, saddle bags, spur straps, hat bands, buckles, and more. We also make modern gun leather. Chisholm’s Trail is a frequent supplier of Old West Cowboy & modern gun leather to the Film Industry. You Order By Calling Us Directly ~ (678) 423-7351 We are available from 9am to 5pm East coast time. Please do not call before or after this time.

Garrison Buckle

The "Garrison" buckle is a near identical copy of Blondie's pants belt buckle.

The majority of the pant belts worn in the golden age of both TV and major Western movies were either 1 1/2″ or 1 3/4″ wide and made from thinner 7-8 gauge, vegetable tanned, tooling leather. They had to be thinner to go comfortably through these narrow buckles. There were several styles of decoration on these belts. Either plain, with an edge groove ~ $99.95, with one line of decorative edge stamping add ~ $10, with basket weave, or floral hand carved add ~ $49.95. Your color choices can be found on the on the home page. The tongue of the belts can be ordered with 5 or 7 holes, both with 3/4″ between holes for better adjustment. The belt tongues can be spear point, sharp point, round point, or blunt point.

There are some subtle differences between buckles in some of these photos, but all were used in the movies. Our buckle choices found in Western movies and prices are below. Don’t confuse these with commercially available, thin foreign “pot metal” chap buckles.

Example cheap Garrison Buckle on eBay

WPB-3 "GARRISON" pant belt buckle

Nickel plated, or brass square cornered Western Movie GARRISON pant belt buckle available in 1 1/2″ or 1 3/4″ sizes ~ $24.95


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