Cimarron Arms'/Rand's Custom Hats' Hat

Cimarron Arms' sister company "Texas Jacks" sells a Cimarron Man With No Name hat.

Cimarron Firearms has joined with Rand's Custom Hats to bring you their "Classic Western" hats. Each hat is made from high quality 8x beaver fur felt, and has been carefully hand crafted to resemble the hats worn by our favorite iconic western stars. The Man With No Name hat is made from rich chocolate brown 8x beaver fur felt with a black tooled leather band. The crown is 4 1/4 inches and the "full pencil roll" brim is 3 1/2 inches. Cimarron has always represented the highest quality and authenticity. Cimarron's "Classic Western" hats are everything you'd expect and more.

It was released around August 2016 and appears to be an item that is custom ordered only and not kept in stock.

  • Price: Starting at $595 (Out of stock)

  • Size: Custom

  • Materials: "8x beaver fur felt" (No longer available)

  • Country of origin: 🇺🇸 USA


We are a custom hat shop so all the hats we have here [in store] are prototypes, and each order that comes in we custom make for that customer to fit their exact measurements and head shape. So we don't stock anything. So if you wanted that exact hat, we would build it for you, and then you can pick the color, size of brim and crown and how much you want it to be just like his - even with distressing. Thank you! - Leanne Tilden, Rand's Custom Hats

Rand's Hats provided a pricing table but the 8x beaver fur felt that Cimarron/Texas Jacks advertises wasn't listed on it.

We use to do 8x [beaver fur felt] quite a few years ago and it was more of a blend. We switched over to pure beaver and the X are the finishes now. Meaning the time the hatter spends on the hat finishing it, sanding it and working with it to make it a smooth soft finish. So we can do that hat no problem in a 10x pure beaver. - Leanne Tilden, Rand's Custom Hats


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