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Longhorn Hatters is run by Don Livingston who is a super friendly and extremely knowledgable guy. If you plan to speak with him on the phone, budget at least 15-20 minutes for the call because the man can TALK. He loves to tell lengthy stories of his experience working with Hollywood folks, or of the many times he's met Clint Eastwood and some of the discussions they had on his wardrobe in his films, or about all the research he puts into his products. Don has has made hats for Eastwood in the past and knows Eastwood's precise hat sizing off the top of his head.

Don was recently in hospital with an injury and is a bit behind on his email so if you were trying to reach him before, it may be worth another try.

The original hat? Yeah I know who made it. He's passed away now though. I have his name written down around here somewhere. I'll look for it. - Don Livingston

Another one of the hats worn by Clint Eastwood in his Spaghetti Western, “THE GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY” is this beauty. The 1 inch hand tooled leather hatband is authentically styled with the Silver Plated buckle on the side. A dark brown, this replica is designed right down to the worn crown and bullet hole, dust, crushed, sweat stained and pencil rolled brim of the hat worn by Mr. Eastwood. It is made of very heavy 100% Wool Felt, and sizes from 6 7/8 to 7 7/8 are available. The Tear Drop blocked Crown is lowered to 4 1/2 inches, with a Brim width of 3 3/4 inches. 5 X Fur Felt BEAVER available upon request for $380.00 USD.

Don has put a lot of work into researching his hat and studied all the films closely for years. He understands how filming indoors or outdoors, with lights, or without can dramatically affect a hat's perceived color. He also is able to do varying degrees of aging to the hat to a customer's preference.

Manufacturer's Photos

Don has promised me more (higher quality) photos of his hat but he struggles a little bit with computers. Below are the photos he's provided so far but they are mostly too small to get a good sense of the hat.

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