David Morgan's Akubra Bushman



5 1/2"

3 1/4"

Some people claim an Akubra Bushman is a good replica of Eastwood's hat in the Dollars Trilogy of films if custom shaped by the owner. This hat does not include a movie accurate hat band.

The Bushman is a classic Australian stockman's hat, worn in the outback since before 1900. It is related to the old snap brim Fedora, and was the first hat imported by Akubra from England. It was also the first hat made by Akubra when they started manufacturing in the early 1900s. It was one of the first hats we sold in the 1960s, and it continues to be appreciated both in Australia and America for its simple, straightforward style, and its practical comfort.

The Bushman is made in Akubra's Imperial Quality pure fur felt, fully lined, with chin strap hooks. The brim is 3¼ inches wide, bound edge. The brim snaps down in front to better shade the eyes. It is supplied with a half inch ribbon band. The colors are Nullarbor Tan (a dark beige), named after the great Nullarbor Plain of Western Australia and Moonstone, a mid-gray. 5½ inch open crown, shipped uncreased. Reeded roan leather sweatband. UPF rating 50+. Made in Australia.


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