The Last Best West's Holster

The belt buckle on this holster is notably incorrect. It uses a modern looking silver colored buckle as opposed to a rough looking antique hammered brass buckle.

  • Price: $185

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Blondie Movie Holster hand made by the last best west The man with no name rig from the spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s.

Color: Brown – natural rough out leather. Also available in black rough out.

Our Blondie Movie Holster has a fully exposed trigger guard, affording fast access. Choose black or brown rough out leather (suede). Gun belt has the classic gunfighter stitching, and 6 cartridge loops.

We make the holster as shown, either light tan or black. The light leather will darken over time, with exposure to sun. Our buckle is on in such a way that you can easily change it out for a different one. We have some buckle options.

[It is] absolutely [possible to get one in another color of leather] but it would have to be in leather and not rough-out/suede. You can’t dye rough out, it doesn’t take.

When you are ready place your order and just request “standard leather, deadwood brown please” in the PRODUCTION NOTES section of the order, and we will email back a production receipt for you to confirm.

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