La Sellerie du Thymerais' Holster

Located in France this store sells a holster named: "Man with no name…" or "Eastwood"

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La Sellerie du Thymera is sells a very good looking replica of Clint Eastwood's holster and notably includes a hammered brass replica of Andy Anderson's buckle.

  • Price: 149.00 € - 179 € ($176.46 - $212.00 USD) ($230.51 - $276.92 CAD)

Product description (Google Translated)

The set worn by Clint EASTWOOD in the movies "

For a handful of dollars

The good, the bad and the truan

The set is rought out (lining on the outside), with a cartridge belt with stitching decoration called “fancy stitching”.

Originally created by Andy ANDERSON, famous American saddler, who in the 50's and 60's specialized in “fast draw” holsters and produced sets for various western actors of that time such as Steve Mac QUEEN (in "Seven magnificient", where he created the first "walk & draw), Alan LADD, Gary COOPER, Clint EASTWOOD, John WAYNE etc…

He made more particularly the whole in “rough out”, with stitching decoration on the belt, which Clint EASTWOOD wears in his westerns.

Possibility of classic brass buckle or original US buckle.

This set can be made with 2 holsters for the "Cowboy Action Shooting" with some technical modifications. (see SASS Holsters chapter)

The holster for revolver in 4p 3⁄4 or 5p 1⁄2, rough out, with safety at 149.00 € TTC [$176.46 USD 🇺🇸 , $230.51CAD 🇨🇦 ] (With metal insert option at 179 € 🇪🇺 ) [$212.00 USD 🇺🇸 , $276.92 CAD 🇨🇦 ]

We make 2 types of sets according to the number of cells on the cartridge belt The 2 models with the stitching decoration (fancy stitching), sober brass buckle

Bandoliers for 6 cells at 169 €, and around 20 cells at 199 € TTC optional original loop US: inquire (around 95 €)


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