Baron Hats' Hat



4 1/2"

4 1/8"

The priciest of available options for hat reproductions this hat also features one of the most accurate hat band currently available.

It's made of your choice of 100% Rabbit Felt or 100% Beaver felt and can be made to appear new or pre-distressed (weathered)

The hatband is not available for purchase separately. - Baron Hats

The height of the crown is 4.5"and the brim width is 4-1/8" - Baron Hats

  • Price: $700 - $950 depending on options selected.

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No other image personifies the western genre more than that closeup of Clint Eastwood and his piercing stare, his wide brim hat, patterned poncho slung over the shoulder, and cigar clenched in mouth. Sergio Leone’s groundbreaking Fistful of Dollars and subsequent films launched the Spaghetti Western and created the “Man with No Name” persona which still resonates with people today. Baron is proud to replicate this iconic hat in the best materials available. Like all our hats this replica is handmade in either 100% rabbit felt, and 100% beaver felt. The leather used for the hatband is hand cut, dyed, and tooled to match the original. To further authenticate this look, Baron specially ages the hat to give the worn look seen in the films including the bullet hole. Both new and age options are available. Lastly, Baron also a replica poncho for the die-hard fans. For more information about our ponchos please email us at

Disclosure: *Some* people online have expressed some dissatisfaction with Baron Hats in regards to their business processes. Including their refund and chargeback policies. (Source)


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