Herbert Johnson's Hat

Herbert Johnson is very respected and high end hat maker that started doing business in the 1800s. Located in the United Kingdom they are most famous for having created the original Indiana Jones fedora that Harrison Ford wore in the films.

They do not presently offer a Clint Eastwood Dollars Trilogy Hat however they ARE open to creating one for customers.

I understand that you are interested in Clint Eastwood style hats from his movies. To my knowledge we have not specifically created a replica of these hats previously but all our hats are handcrafted bespoke to order and we do offer a completely custom hatmaking service, having created several film hat prop replicas in the past of not just our own brand original hats but those of other makers too by request.

Whether we can achieve this project for you will come down to the hats details you wish us to replicate, including the felt and other components required and your hat size measurement. If we have or can source all these required components, we can then send you a quote. If possible, can you please send me as many photos of the specific hat you wish for us to replicate, screengrabs from the film are great, showing the details and proportions of the original hat. I can then show these to our hatter who will be able to assess what is possible and let me know.

Hope that sounds good to you. If you have any further questions, do let me know. Best wishes, Mel Melissa Clark (Mel@TeamHJ) Customer Services & Social Media Manager Herbert Johnson Civilian Hatting Dept. Herbert Johnson Hatters Ltd. www.herbertjohnson.co.uk www.swaineadeneybrigg.com

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