Kokkado's Spurs

Billing themselves as "Toy Gun and Military Goods" this looks to be a tiny Japanese Airsoft/Army Surplus shop in Japan. They carry many products also seen at other retailers like Straightline Collectibles. These spurs below may well be the exact same spurs that Straightline Collectibles sells.

Official website (Translated to English) | On Rakuten (Japanese Amazon)

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A replica of the boot spar worn by Eastwood at Gunman in the setting sun! Clint Eastwood Sunset Gunman Cowboy Boot Spur Spur Slap Genuine Leather Bracket Stainless Steel Riding

It is a replica of the boot spar worn by Gunwood Eastwood in the setting sun. If you walk with them on your boots, you will get a sound like chareen. ‥ As for the material, the band is made of genuine leather and the metal fittings are made of stainless steel, so it is hard to rust. The stainless steel parts are shiny because they are polished by buffing instead of plating. Boots are not included. As it is made overseas, the product may have different domestic qualities and may have some scratches or stains during shipping. Please note. In addition, due to the yen's depreciation, the price may be unavoidably increased, so please purchase as soon as possible if you need it.

Product page (Translated)

  • Price: $125.96 USD


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