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4 1/4"

3 1/2" - 3 3/4"

Staker Hats is run by Craig Staker out of Utah. Staker Hats makes two models of hats. The "The Manco", and the "For a Few Dollars More".

[The two models] are basically the same. The difference is that you have different options with the fist full of dollars.

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I decided to start making hats from a long love of the old west; especially old hats. My wife tells me that I was born in the wrong century because I’m out of my element in this day and age. She’s probably right! I love everything about the old cowboys of the west and what it represents. Horses and cowboying are a part of my life that won’t go away until the day they bury me in the dirt. So, to go along with that, I believe a cowboy needs a good hat. To go even farther than that, I believe any person needs a good hat. One that fits right, feels and looks good to the person wearing it. I personally know that when I’m wearing my favorite hat, it gives me a sense of confidence and satisfaction. I’m a perfectionist and love many different generes of art. I believe making hats is a great art. If you love what you do, it will show in the finished product. - Craig Staker

If you are looking for a Clint Eastwood hat like the one he wore in his spaghetti westerners. Then look no further than Staker Hats. You can get a hand made hat from three different qualities of fur felt. High quality beaver and European Hare. This Clint Eastwood hat looks like the one he wore in For A Few Dollars More, A Fist Full Of Dollars and The Good The Bad The Ugly.

The Manco

This hat looks like some of the hats in spaghetti westerns. It is Whiskey in color and the crown is 4″ and the brim is 3 3/4″ The vintage leather hat band is sold separately.


For A Few Dollars More

Various distressing options are available for this hat. This hat features one of the best and most accurate looking hat bands that this site's editor has seen and is available sold separately.

This is Clint Eastwood’s hat from A Few Dollars More and you can get the distressing so it looks exactly like it does in the movie.


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