Escort Western Gunleather's Buckle Reproduction

Escort Gunleather is run by John Skelton.

Mail order only - we do not have callers. We are workshops, not a retail shop, so we have no facility to entertain visitors. All of our gunleather items apart from USA imports are custom made to order so we carry no stock to view.

AA Eastwood Buckle £35

An exact replica of the buckle used on many of Andy Anderson's gunbelts. Solid brass with a hammered effect for a 1.5” belt. We have these hand cast in limited quantities from an original buckle. SEE BUCKLES SECTION TO ORDER.

We had acquired a casting from an original some years ago and had it re-cast with our name on the back. Unfortunately the original must have been mixed up with stock and mistakenly sold on, I’ve no idea if there were any markings on the back. A colleague of mine was a good friend of Andy Anderson and I have an original rig that came from him, as far as we know all of the buckles were different, some had more detailed hammering, some had the “A” on the back and some didn’t. He supposedly hand hammered them himself, I think it depends on when they were made. The buckle we have is the closest to the one worn by Eastwood.

[As far as the anchor logo on the backside...] that was the brand from the buckle company. Anchor brand buckles were prevalent in the USA, most of the clip corner buckles were Anchor as are the ones we still use for our standard buckles. Andy just bought the Anchor buckles as plain brass and hammered them. That buckle is sadly no longer available as Anchor are now made in the far east as is everything else.


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